About NJB Sales   



Who is NJB

With over 27 years of industry experience in IT Channel Sales and World Class Distribution & Logistics, you can trust NJB Sales to come through for your hardware, software, and service needs. We work with customers nationwide, delivering simply the best brands the Industry has to offer. And, we do this today more efficiently and effectively using the most green methods available unlike older methods used by some of the largest VAR's and DMR's in the nation.


What we do

We take the madness of time consuming processes and the implied costs of procurement needs down to a improved and simplified method. What does this mean? Simply put, we save our customers more time and purchasing dollars along with removing the challenges and frustrations of entire procurement process. Together, everyone wins!



As a Boutique IT VAR, we do not appease the masses. And honestly, nor do we want to. We prefer to provide a unique service level customers typically dream they had in working with their resellers or even with the manufacturers directly. Everyone knows that you can purchase IT gear just about anywhere. So, let's do it a bit differently and better! Of course, if you prefer, you can do the standard web based ordering on our site just like every other e-tailor. Call us to today so that we can help you determine if NJB Sales can help you think a little differently when it comes to your sourcing needs.



"Relationship is #1.....Including to all of our Valued Customers, Distribution Partners, Logistical Teams, and Manufacturer Partners. Without any of them, we do not exist. We thank you!"

"Everything is perfect until something goes wrong. The true test of a business relationship is how we handle those times of imperfection. Ask yourself this question, how many times a day do you need to fix something that is not going perfectly?"

"Together, everyone wins!"