Cloud Services
We are partnered with the leading aggregator of Cloud Services in the Nationwide Distribution Channel.
  • Business Applications
  • Data Center
  • Device Management
  • Network & Communication
  • Security
  • Service Desk
Please contact your Sales Account Manager today to get more information regarding these or any other Cloud Services that you are considering.
We look forward to helping you get into the Cloud!


Financial Services

Business IT Leasing is available through our Preferred Leasing Partner - HP Financial Services.
Why would you lease versus buy? Here are just a few key customer benefits of leasing:
  • Leasing keeps equipment current and well ahead of the obsolescence curve.
  • Leasing provides predictable monthly expenses.
  • Leasing preserves the large upfront cash requirements of a purchase.
  • Leasing allows you to get in front and remain ahead of your competition.
  • Leasing offers a myriad of payment structures that will meet your business needs.


Equipment Buyback Services

NJB Sales can help with Asset Recovery. Please contact us to discuss in detail how we can help your company remove surplus business class IT equipment and put additional purchasing dollars back into your IT budget.


Strategic Sourcing Services

  • 3rd Party Warranty Service Offerings
  • Refurbished / Off-Lease Equipment
  • Purchasing Aggregation
  • Buy and Hold - Staggered Rollout and Delivery Scheduling


Configuration Services

  • Hardware Installation and Integration
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Asset Management
  • Custom Imaging
  • Burn-In and Diagnostic Testing